Castle Stream - Castle Beat

Castle Stream - Castle Beat

Ghillie's Wise Words

Castle Stream is fished from the north bank after crossing the footbridge. This pool has never really worked in the way we wanted it to. I have caught the occasional fish, usually sea trout, and Mike Playell had a salmon from the tail a few years ago. But this pool is normally only worth a few casts. In June and July there is always the chance of a grilse or sea trout here.

I was talking recently with someone who has a lot of experience of salmon pool development. His advice was to leave Castle Stream to sort itself out which, he thinks it will certainly do over the next few years. I hope to see him proved right, and to see salmon, grilse and sea trout starting to come from this beautiful part of the river.

My advice to visiting fishermen is always to give this pool a try, especially in low water in the early mornings or late evening dusk.

Castle Beat Hut

"I have my own favourite hut on a Scottish river, located in a secret place with a 180' panoramic view of the river flowing past. Huts are integral to fishing memories; places of good company, sometimes heated debate and, for the night sea trout fisher, or the dawn grilse angler, a place to sleep". (From a review by Tony Andrews of Jo Orchard-Lisle's book, 'Fishing Huts: the angler's sanctuary')

I think of this hut as our best conservation development! Its setting and relative warmth and comfort engender a feeling of content amongst our visitors. This has the effect of persuading them to linger on for a few more minutes of conviviality, perhaps with a small libation to enhance the mood! And this means that the pools tend not to be over fished, which is great for everyone, including the fish.

The hut is available to anglers fishing both Castle and Milton Beats.