Frank's Stream - Indies Beat

Frank's Stream - Indies Beat

Ghillie's Wise Words

Who was 'Frank'? he was Frank Calder, who lived in Bogindollo and died aboard his JCB in 1997. Frank was a kind and jovial man with a wicked sense of humour. He was also one of the most skilled JCB drivers I have met. Sometimes his use of the small bucket in putting the final touches to a job was more like a hairdresser at work than a burly bloke driving a bulldozer!

So, in about 1990, Frank, under Martin's guidance, built the upstream 'V' and then excavated the channel downstream to the point of the peninsular at the drain at the head of Indies Pool. He then followed up this basic preliminary structure with a log and boulder groyne which juts out from the north bank about two thirds of the way down the pool. That groyne serves to squeeze the pool and maintains the velocity of the current right down into the tail of the pool. Finally, he added lie boulders along the whole length of the new pool.

Frank's Stream is now a highly productive pool for both salmon and sea trout. An aspect of this pool, appreciated by many of our visitors, is the easy fishing from the bank. We keep the grass cut in the upper north bank section of the pool which enables fishers to cast while standing on the 'lawn' - in their carpet slippers in the unlikely situation that any angler would choose to wear the footwear of the boudoir on the riverbank. Fishing the 60 yards of this attractive pool is easy except that in the lower section you have to work your way round or through the willow, log and boulder groyne. But remember when you are doing this, and doubtless wondering why we have made it so awkward to negotiate, that without the groyne the pool would not have held its depth and would not hold so many fish as it now does.

It is important to start fishing Frank's from above the RPJ. Fish lie at the top of the stream, especially in low water. Then fish the pool all the way down and right into the tail. Ideally you should continue fishing on and into Indies Pool itself. The fish lie mainly under the south bank but there are also excellent lies in the middle, especially just downstream of the willow and log groyne.

The current in Frank's Stream is even and friendly to the beginner. The surroundings are among the best Finavon can offer and Frank's is one of our more generous pools. One thing is for certain and that is that this pool gives us fish from the beginning to the end of the season. It always holds fish.