Haugh's Pool - Bogardo Beat

Haugh's Pool - Bogardo Beat

Ghillie's Wise Words

Haughs has changed more than any other Finavon pool with the exception of Bridge and Boat pools (Milton Beat), but the difference between them is that the changes at Haughs Have taken place through natural morphology, as opposed to man-made interventions.
Haughs is dominated by the disused aqueduct, built in 1960, at the head of the pool. Apart from being a convenient division between Castle and Bogardo Beats the aqueduct provides a footbridge (about which more anon) and rather an awkward impediment to casting and covering the main lies at the top of the pool.

Haughs is about 250 yards long and, downstream of the Aqueduct, is fished only from the south bank. The tail of the pool above, Beeches, can be fished on the north bank into the head of Haughs by casting under the Aqueduct from the north bank. We include that section of Haughs (north bank only) in Castle Beat, with preference given to the Bogardo angler if there is any possibility of two rods fishing the pool simultaneously.

The pool has a clay bed at its head where there is depth and some excellent lies, especially in medium or low water. All the way down Haughs, tucked in under the north bank, along the top of which the track to Castle Beat runs, there are lies & big boulders. In general it is true to say that the higher the river the further down the pool you can fish in the expectation of some action. The tail of the pool, which is really an extended glide, can be good for sea trout at night, especially the lip of the pool as it runs into Harry's Bar.
Haughs is another FCW pool where you can lose yourself in the natural surroundings. Physically the pool is in the centre of the beats and while fishing down the pool it is difficult to focus on anything other than the river and it's immediate environment because you are in a sort of natural tunnel with the Aqueduct as it's upstream frame. I have had some exciting times on this pool over the last thirty years: big salmon, split fresh grilse, big bags of sea trout, and an incident where I hooked a 12 lbs salmon while crossing the Aqueduct, duly landed by my late father, who had climbed down the ship's ladder on the south bank to do so.

At the height of the summer Haughs can keep you amused all night long. It is a productive, private and alluring fisherman's pool!