Indies Pool - Indies Beat

Indies Pool - Indies Beat

Ghillie's Wise Words

Many people regard Indies as Finavon's finest pool for both salmon and sea trout. I first fished this pool nearly thirty years ago at a time when it was one of half a dozen top sea trout pools on the South Esk. The tail of the pool was (and still is) excellent for salmon in a spate, and the run at the top of the pool, especially where the field drain joins the river, has always been a great place to pick up a salmon or grilse at any time in the season.

The pool has changed over the years, mainly from restoration work following a catastrophic spate in 1993 that burst through the south bank and flooded the fields beyond. The work was well executed and the bank planted up, with the result that the tail of the pool is now deep and well shaded. It is ideal holding water for sea trout shoals in low water and a spectacular stopping point for salmon entering the pool after swimming up through the strong current in the neck of Martin's Cut.

Indies still competes with Willows and Tyndals as Finavon's most productive pool for both salmon and sea trout. The pool has a comfortable fishing hut and picnic area discreetly tucked into the trees and with a nice view of the head of the pool. With great wildlife, including the occasional visiting osprey and plenty of red squirrels and otters, Indies is a big and interesting pool and a great place to spend the day.

Indies Pool is fished entirely from the N bank. Wading is easy on fine gravel with only the occasional boulder to trip you up from above the drain to the gravelly gradient or 'lip' of the pool at the head of the wildwood Island. For the beginner it is an easy pool to fish, and usually there are fish to be seen splashing around all the way down. I love to fish Indies in the very early morning - I mean 4am on a July morning! - or late evening and into the darkness. It is a very friendly pool to fish at night because there is plenty of room for two rods to fish, and because there is always a family of tawny owls, with whom you can strike up a hooty style of conversation! In low water there is always a good chance of a grilse in the current opposite and downstream of the drain. This pool holds both salmon and sea trout throughout the season. If I were recommending one of our pools to encourage someone coming to fish for salmon or sea trout for the first time, I would point them to Indies.