Kirkinn - Castle Beat

Kirkinn - Castle Beat

Ghillie's Wise Words

Kirkinn is really the tail section of the Red Brae but, because it is so distinctive, and has its own personality, we decided to give it a different name and treat it as a separate pool. I can very easily wax lyrical about the beauty of the surroundings and the interest and excitement in the fisherman's breast that this charming pool evokes. It is quite simply a delightful pool to fish, whether you are fishing for salmon in high water, or trying to tease a sea trout out of the darkness of a July night in low water.

The pool is fished from the North bank (as are all the Castle Beat pools) and parts of it are best fished from the bank. The holding places are fairly obvious and the lies in medium or low water are nearly all (but not all) on the South side of the river. Don't be deceived into thinking that the tail is too shallow to hold fish because there are little pots, scallops and scrapes all the way down to the RPJ* that marks the head of Pheasantry. The pool is protected from the daytime sun by a 40' bluff along the South bank, which provides shade and seclusion for fish lying up in the summer months. At night the broad tail of the pool is easily fished and can be very productive for sea trout. The middle section of the pool, which has many well sited lie stones, is a great place to catch a spring salmon. I had a beautiful 14lbs fish there two years ago and I have seen fish hooked and lost, as well as safely landed here in the summer and autumn months in good water.

This is a pool to linger over, to enjoy the surroundings from the strategically placed bench, and plan your next moves. When you fish this pool it can sometimes be productive to vary the angle of your casts, to vary the speed and depth of the fly, and even to back it up. Try everything because this is a pool that conveys a simple message - "fish"! Close by is our wild life pond which abounds with frogs, newts, dragonflies, not to mention lilies, reeds & rushes, and of course ducks. Enjoy.

* 'RPJ' means 'Riffle Pool Join' and the term comes from Montana where a great Stream Doctor, Dr Dale Miller, introduced the concept of the 'plunging' upstream 'V' to the South Esk. Best constructed with boulders (e.g Bridge Pool - Milton Beat) the one at Pheasantry is made of timber. It works, but I doubt it will be there in 20 years time!