Melgund Pool - Indies Beat

Melgund Pool - Indies Beat

Ghillie's Wise Words

Melgund is one of my favourite FCW pools. It has a reputation for having a salmon in its depths in nearly every month of the year and is always an exciting part of FCW to fish for either salmon or sea trout.

The pool is fished from the north bank and care needs to be taken when starting to fish the head of the pool because it is all too easy to cast a shadow or frighten fish by being silhouetted against the sky. My advice is to keep a low profile and your head down as you creep into position as close to the water as possible just upstream of the big concrete block on the bank. Fish lie right up at the head of the pool, especially in the summer and autumn. In the spring and in high water salmon drop back about 10 to 15 yards downstream into the dub of the pool.

The top ten metres of the pool need careful attention because the fish lie virtually under your feet, and you need to get the fly down to them, which requires patience and skill.

The main part of the pool is fished initially from the bank, after which you can slide into the water and fish from the bay below down to a jumble of rocks about 60 meters downstream. This is a great part of the pool for sea trout at night and for salmon and grilse in medium to high water levels.

The tail of the pool takes you all the way down to the top of Frank's Stream. This section of the pool holds sea trout and salmon and is terrific night fishing. Wade it carefully and quietly and try not to trip over the boulders which I put there to hold fish in high water.

Melgund is not the easiest pool to fish, but it is highly productive and, as I said above, it always holds fish. The pool is always a top performer for both salmon and sea trout, and it's history of productivity goes back for more than 100 years! A tip for fishing Melgund is to quietly position yourself on the bench under the trees and observe the pool before you start fishing. Sitting there, with an osprey's view of the pool, you can decide on your plan of action for tackling this challenging stretch of fishing.