Tyndals - Milton Beat

Tyndals - Milton Beat

Ghillie's Wise Words

This pool is fished from the North bank after a wade across the river below the power lines (take care!). In high water it is not possible to wade so the best way to get there is to cross the footbridges at Red Brae and walk up the N bank (This is now easy - in spring 2013 we cut a new footpath all along the north bank).

For many people who fish Finavon's pools, Tyndals is the best of the best. It is a classic South Esk pool, a miniature of great pools on bigger rivers. The pool is good for salmon and grilse at all times of the year, but perhaps especially so in the spring months of March, April & May.

The pool falls into three sections - the streamy head down to the 'elbow' where the current is deflected away from the S bank into the centre of the channel, the main pool where the stream carries over boulders and lies at a good depth, even in low water, and finally the tail which is a constantly changing gravelly dub with excellent lies under the S bank. There's a morning's fishing in the 250 yards of this glorious pool when the river is at the right level. The best marker for assessing the fishing height for Tyndals is the armchair rock which is the one in the centre of our webcam. When the water is bulging upstream of the boulder and flowing freely around it's sides the height is perfect for a salmon from Tyndals.

The pool fishes at all heights for both salmon and sea trout, and provides excellent night fishing for sea trout. Wading is quite easy but be careful not to trip over the submerged boulders of the two N bank groynes. Otherwise it's all gravel. As you wade down the pool you will see salmon and sea trout splashing around in the pool below, Willows, which is the next stop on our ghillie's guide...