Prices & Availability

Returning a Grilse

The thinking behind our letting policy is that we want to give visitors the opportunity to fish good quality, undisturbed water in a peaceful setting. We therefore offer a maximum of eight rods on four rotating two-rod beats. These change daily at 07:00am.

When deciding on how the fishery should be divided into beats, we considered catch averages pool-by-pool, 'fishability', ease of access and the general ambience. We then asked ourselves if we would enjoy the experience of fishing each of the two-rod beats, and decided emphatically that we would!

Four two-rod beats are offered on a 24 hour basis from 07:00am on the agreed date. Whilst rents are based on rod daily rates, we do not normally let individual rods. This is because we want to offer exclusive fishing on all the Finavon beats. We feel this should give the angler a more pleasurable experience, and also develop the reputation of Finavon as a high quality fly fishing venue.

Prices for the 2016 Season

Prices for 2016 are based on the following rod-per-day rates

16 February to 15 April
£40 per rod day*

16 April to 31 August
£60 per rod day*

1 September to 31 October
£75 per rod day*

Discounts apply for people renting one (two rod) beat three or six days

16 February to 15 April
3 days: £216.00
6 days: £432.00

16 April to 31 August
B. 3 days: £324.00
6 days: £648.00

1 September to 31 October
3 days: £450.00
6 days: £900.00

Ghillie - please negotiate rate with recommended guide/ghillie Iain MacMaster (call 07824 428 825). From £75 per day.

* Single rods may have to share a beat with one other rod.
† Fishing for migratory fish on a Sunday is not allowed in Scotland.