Finavon Castle Water Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing on the River South Esk in Scotland

Prices and Booking

The Finavon Castle Fishings extend to 2.5 miles of mainly double bank fishing for between 6 & 8 rods, and covers some 24 named pools where tenants have the chance to fish in a beautiful managed woodland setting, with opportunities to enjoy wildlife - such as kingfishers, otters, red squirrels, roe deer and an exceptional range of wildflowers. FCW gives its visitors a wonderfully peaceful environment, with opportunities in the right conditions to catch quality salmon and sea trout.

Anglers visiting Finavon will be warmly met by our ghillie in the morning and given a plan for the day, and direction on which pools to fish, as well as any advice required. For anglers who desire the company of a ghillie all day, a personal ghillying service is usually available at a separate cost. Prices per rod day range from £40 in the early spring to £80 in autumn peak weeks. Sea trout fishing in May, June and July is £70 per rod day (day and night 7am to 7am)

Fishing at Finavon is easily booked through the Fishpal booking system. Booking via Fishpal

Please feel free to get in touch with our ghillie & fishery manager, Iain MacMaster at for further information.

Prices for the 2019 Season

Prices for 2019 are based on the following rod-per-day rates

16 February to mid April
£40 per rod day*

Mid April to end August
£70 per rod day*

End August to 31 October
£80 per rod day*

For anglers or parties who desire the full time accompaniment of a ghillie during their visit, this can be provided as a supplement. The cost of a full day’s ghillying service is £100, paid directly to the estate. Please don’t hesitate to contact Iain MacMaster (call 07824 428 825) for any more information on ghillying services.

* Single rods may have to share a beat with two other rods.
† Fishing for migratory fish on a Sunday is not allowed in Scotland.

Facilities, Rules and Guidelines

Facilities, fishery rules, catch and release best practice, & tackle and tactics

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