Finavon Castle Water Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing on the River South Esk in Scotland


Finavon Castle Water - Homepage
Finavon Castle Water offers a variety of fishing opportunities, from early Springtime, through to late Autumn for salmon, while we are also fortunate to be in a position in which we are often blessed with healthy sea trout runs in midsummer


Beats and Pools

Finavon Castle Water - Beats and Pools
The fishing is divided into 2 beats, Milton & Indies, each having a length of approximately 1.25 miles and which comfortably fish 3 rods each.


Contact Us

Finavon Castle Water - Contact Us
If you have enjoyed this website and visiting Finavon's pools virtually why not take it a step further and make contact


Milton Beat

Finavon Castle Water - Milton Beat
Milton beat is the upper of our two beats at Finavon and extends from just upstream of the A90 road bridge, to the Aqueduct bridge which bisects the river at the tail of Beeches pool.


Prices and Booking

Finavon Castle Water - Prices and Booking
Anglers visiting Finavon will be warmly met by our ghillie in the morning and given a plan for the day, and direction on which pools to fish, as well as any advice required.


Gate Lodge Pool

Finavon Castle Water - Gate Lodge Pool
The uppermost pool at Finavon Castle Water, and also the newest; Gate Lodge was dug out naturally by the monumental floods caused by storm Frank in the last days of December 2015.


Bridge Pool

Finavon Castle Water - Bridge Pool
This pool is fished from the South bank after walking up the footpath from the car park at Tyndals. In 1990 the A90 was converted into a dual carriageway, which involved building a new bridge, and the construction threatened to destroy the pool below.



Finavon Castle Water - Willows
This pool is fished from the South bank. It is an easy wade, gradually deepening as you move down the pool towards the Boat Pool. Willows doesn't look much but is almost certainly Finavon's highest scoring pool for both salmon and sea trout.


Boat Pool

Finavon Castle Water - Boat Pool
Boat pool is a hugely important holding pool at Finavon. That doesn't mean that it is easy to catch fish in this deep cavernous pool, however. In low water conditions, large numbers of fish can be observed shoaling up here


Volcano and Lower Boat

Finavon Castle Water - Volcano and Lower Boat
Volcano and lower boat are really the same pool, with Lower boat being the tail of Volcano. While volcano fishes in most heights of water, it is best for salmon during a good run off, when Lower boat can be excellent too.


The Flats

Finavon Castle Water - The Flats
The Flats are fished from the South bank and access to the pool is easy from the Milton track. The Flats is different because the pool is really a shallow run along the north bank, with a few mini croys to provide resting places for salmon and sea trout.


Craigo Stream

Finavon Castle Water - Craigo Stream
Craigo stream is a dreamy little pool and is fished form the North bank. For its diminutive size, it can be very productive and for some reason it is often underfished or missed out altogether by many visitors to Finavon.


Red Brae

Finavon Castle Water - Red Brae
This pool is one of the most famous on the South Esk and is fished from the North bank after crossing the river by the footbridge. Wading is easy, and often completely un necessary.



Finavon Castle Water - Kirkinn
Kirkinn is really the tail section of the Red Brae but, because it is so distinctive, and has its own personality, we decided to give it a different name (after the medieval Kirk which once stood on the bluff above the South bank) and treat it as a separate pool.


Alder Stream

Finavon Castle Water - Alder Stream
Alder stream is a short riffle which is accessed by following the track from the treehouse down into David’s Wood. The pool is easily walked past, and there is not a lot to it. What there is of it, however, is always worth a cast.


Nine Maidens

Finavon Castle Water - Nine Maidens
Where the current breaks up at the tail of Alder stream, and the old log croy juts out of the North bank, you come into the head of the enigmatically named Nine Maidens.



Finavon Castle Water - Beeches
Beeches is an interesting pool which has gone through some significant changes over the past few seasons. The first point of interest is that the pool used to be in two sections, upper and lower Beeches.



Finavon Castle Water - Haughs
Haughs is the first pool on Indies beat and is dominated by the disused aqueduct, built in 1960, at the head of the pool. This bridge offers one of the two crossing points on Indies beat by which anglers can access the pools on both banks


Harry’s Bar

Finavon Castle Water - Harry’s Bar
Harry’s Bar (named after a drunken local policeman of old, who used to enjoy a dram in this spot) is a very useful little run. It suffers from the limitation that the deeper fish holding channel, under the North bank, is quite narrow, and thus in low water it can be a tricky place to winkle a fish out from.



Finavon Castle Water - Melgund
Melgund is a very interesting pool, not least because of the great depth under the central current which is significant for a small river.


Frank’s Stream

Finavon Castle Water - Frank’s Stream
The pool has a good streamy head which usually holds a fish or two in low water, and is worth exploration using different tactics and angles of approach.



Finavon Castle Water - Indies
Indies pool itself is the centrepiece of Indies beat, and can be regarded as one of Finavon's finest pools for both salmon and sea trout.


Martin’s Cut

Finavon Castle Water - Martin’s Cut
Martin’s Cut has always been something of an enigma. By reading the water, it could easily be taken as one of Finavon’s finest low water pools, but for some reason it has never held the number of fish one might expect from such a feature.



Finavon Castle Water - Tollmuir
Tollmuir Pool is named after the old toll-house which stood beside what is now the A90. The pool runs out of Martin's Cut into a 25 yard stream and riffle over gravel and cobble.


The Steps

Finavon Castle Water - The Steps
Immediately downstream of Tollmuir Pool is a series of short, artificial runs, aptly called the Steps, each one dropping as it does, slightly lower than the last. Immediately downstream of Tollmuir Pool is a series of short, artificial runs, aptly called the Steps, each one dropping as it does, slightly lower than the last.


House Pool

Finavon Castle Water - House Pool
In the past, anglers on Marcus Estate which owns the North bank of this pool used to stand virtually on top of the fish because the main lies are all along and just beneath the N bank.