Finavon Castle Water Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing on the River South Esk in Scotland


Haughs is the first pool on Indies beat and is dominated by the disused aqueduct, built in 1960, at the head of the pool. This bridge offers one of the two crossing points on Indies beat by which anglers can access the pools on both banks, and since Haughs can only be fished from the South bank, the aqueduct bridge is in the ideal position!

Haughs is, by and large, a pool for a bigger water. In low levels, there is not nearly enough crrent in the pool to make an artificial lure of any type work efficiently. During the sea trout season, however, this is not the case, and in low water Haughs is almost the blueprint of a classic night time sea trout pool, with the added bonus that there is plenty of it to keep you busy!

When there is a good fresh water, salmon fishing in Haughs can be superb. Starting at the wide head of the pool, just below the aqueduct, there are some good mid-stream lies which are not always easy to cover due to the proximity of the bridge but are worth perseverance. Coming down the pool, there are useful lies scattered the whole way down, both under the North bank, and in mid-stream, with fish often sitting on your own side of the mid river lie stones. The point at which the tail broadens slightly just above the hut on the South bank can be a super place for encountering a running fish or two, but does become very swift in a big water. If you get the water conditions right on Haughs, and there are some fish around, there can be almost a full morning’s (or afternoon’s) fishing to be enjoyed in this one pool.

Haughs is another FCW pool where you can lose yourself in the natural surroundings. Physically the pool is in the centre of the fishery and while fishing down the pool it is difficult to focus on anything other than the river and its immediate environment because you are in a sort of natural tunnel with the Aqueduct as it's upstream frame.