Finavon Castle Water Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing on the River South Esk in Scotland

House Pool

In the past, anglers on Marcus Estate which owns the North bank of this pool used to stand virtually on top of the fish because the main lies are all along and just beneath the N bank. Now we have an arrangement with the Marcus side whereby their anglers do not fish House Pool at all, in return for us not fishing Breadalbane Pool below it. The result is better fishing for everyone!

Marcus House Pool is about 250 yards long. It is a straight pool with a nice run in at the top and a long stream running over about 4 to 5 feet of uneven river bed providing good lies for salmon and grilse under the N bank. Wading is mostly easy and in a fresh water the whole pool can be fished down in one long uninterrupted session. Care must be taken coming into the lower section of the pool, however, as the nature of the river bed changes and sandstone ridges begin to jut out underfoot which can be a tripping hazard, especially in a coloured water. The pool also deepens slightly on the South side at this point. 

House pool was unfortunate in being adversely affected by the 2015 floods, and the upper part of the pool has lost much of the depth on the South side. The tight channel underneath the North Bank, however, still has plenty of depth to it can hold fish even in low water. If fishing the pool in low water, only the top third will fish effectively, but in a good height of water the whole pool will fish and there is the possibility of a full morning or afternoon’s exploration of House Pool being worthwhile in these conditions. 

The setting for this shady and prolific holding pool is very peaceful. Marcus House, although no icon of architectural achievement, is beautifully located and the pool, now fished only by Finavon’s anglers, benefits from the property's privacy and seclusion. Anglers at Finavon Castle Water should be aware that the lower march of beats between Finavon and Marcus is marked by the huge tree trunk which just out of the riverbank on the South side at the bottom of House Pool, and should not fish beyond this point.