Finavon Castle Water Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing on the River South Esk in Scotland


Indies pool itself is the centrepiece of Indies beat, and can be regarded as one of Finavon's finest pools for both salmon and sea trout. The tail of the pool is excellent for salmon in a spate, and the run at the top of the pool, especially where the field drain joins the river, has always been a great place to pick up a salmon or grilse at any time in the season. The middle part of the pool benefits from great depth underneath the South bank, with lots of natural lies for salmon and sea trout being just off of the North edge of the current, meaning that in a higher water, you can expect to pick fish up just on your own side of the current. It is ideal holding water for sea trout shoals in low water and a natural stopping point for salmon after swimming up through the strong current in the neck of Martin's Cut below.

Indies is an easy pool to fish, situated as it is where the thick woodland of Finavon’s riverbanks opens out somewhat, and it is a pool which anglers of all abilities can enjoy with equal satisfaction. In low water, if you are wading the top half of the pool, you are too far out, and even in high water, wading is only required to ankle or shin depth. Moving towards the tail, the wading becomes slightly deeper, perhaps thigh depth, but remains gravelly and cobbly underfoot. 

Indies is the site of the Indies beat hut, which is bright and comfortable, and there is a fine outdoor picnic area discreetly tucked into the trees and with a beautiful view of the head of the pool. With great wildlife, including the occasional visiting osprey and plenty of red squirrels and otters, Indies is a big and interesting pool and a great place to base oneself for the day.