Finavon Castle Water Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing on the River South Esk in Scotland

Bridge Pool

This pool is fished from the South bank after walking up the footpath from the car park at Tyndals. In 1990 the A90 was converted into a dual carriageway, which involved building a new bridge, and the construction threatened to destroy the pool below. After lengthy negotiations with the roads department they agreed to help with the creation of a new pool. It is surprising how little the sound and sight of the A90 traffic impinges on you as you fish, although it cannot be denied that a large lorry going over the bridge is a bit noisy!

Bridge pool was vastly altered in the same spate in 2015 which dug out Gate Lodge Pool above it. The rocks which project from both North & South banks at the head of the pool used to be connected and formed a weir of sorts. Now there is a large space in between the two sides, and a smooth but swift V neck to the pool is the result. Some of the boulders which used to make up the head of the pool, are now scattered underneath the water in the deep part of the pool.

The best of the pool is now in the immediate area of this ‘flume’ in the neck, and fishes down to the dead alder trunk (which sits on the North bank) in most conditions. To fish the pool any further down, one needs a bigger water.

Bridge Pool is often neglected because people are put off by the proximity of the road and by the undoubted attraction of starting to fish Tyndals Pool immediately after arriving at the river, but it is often a place where a fish or two chooses to hold up at any time of the season and is always worth a cast.