Finavon Castle Water Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing on the River South Esk in Scotland

Craigo Stream

Craigo stream is a dreamy little pool and is fished form the North bank. For its diminutive size, it can be very productive and for some reason it is often underfished or missed out altogether by many visitors to Finavon. The pool is accessed by following the path from the sign on the North side of the suspension bridge and entering the water above the head of the pool itself. The neck of the pool is divided into two forks, the furthest of which flows over a deep runnel underneath the South bank, and is not easily covered. The fork nearest the angler is shallower, but grilse and sea trout often sit in the little lie where the current just begins to deepen out, which is much closer to the angler fishing the pool than you might think, so staying low is a good idea in low water. The flatter apron of water between the two forks is also deep and can hold fish too.

About halfway down the pool, there is a stone which sticks out of the South bank and deflects the current a little, and a fish might be expected from anywhere between here and the tail of the pool where it spills over into Red Brae.

Craigo is best fished in low to medium heights of water, as it becomes too heavy to fish effectively in higher levels of flow.