Finavon Castle Water Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing on the River South Esk in Scotland


Kirkinn is really the tail section of the Red Brae but, because it is so distinctive, and has its own personality, we decided to give it a different name (after the medieval Kirk which once stood on the bluff above the South bank) and treat it as a separate pool. I can very easily wax lyrical about the beauty of the surroundings and the interest and excitement in the fisherman's breast that this charming pool evokes. It is quite simply a delightful pool to fish, whether you are fishing for salmon in high water, or trying to tease a sea trout out of the darkness of a July night in low water.

The pool is fished from the North bank and parts of it are best fished from the bank. The holding places are fairly obvious and the lies in medium or low water are nearly all (but not all) on the South side of the river. The head of the pool was also adversely affected by the huge 2015 floods and was gravelled in like Red Brae above it, but the mid-section can still fish well, especially with fresh water. Don't be deceived into thinking that the tail is too shallow to hold fish because there are little pots, scallops and scrapes all the way down to the head of Pheasantry. This tail section can be especially good in the back end with some fresh water.