Finavon Castle Water Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing on the River South Esk in Scotland


Pheasantry is a resting place for salmon negotiating the steep incline up from Nine Maidens. They need to pause after making the effort, and the configuration of the current and the uneven river bed in Pheasantry provide an ideal stopping place. In very low water this pool will hold grilse and sea trout in the streamy water around the neck, but in higher water fish can be caught all the way down the pool and well into its tail. The favourite resting place for salmon is on the south side of the stream into the pool, but fish can also be taken on the North fork of the current flowing into the pool.

Pheasantry Pool benefits enormously from the siting of David's Treehouse, in terms of the amount of time fishermen spend observing (and fishing!) this pool. The Treehouse is the fishing hut for Milton beat. From the veranda of the Treehouse you can observe the whole of Pheasantry, and where the fish are lying; often in the back end of the season you can see fish splashing and rolling in the current on the South side of the pool.

While I would not claim that Pheasantry will reward hours of fishing effort, what I can say is that this pool is a delight to fish, and should not be ignored. Try sitting on the veranda of DTH, communing with the natural environment and observing the pool. That is time well spent by anyone's reckoning.