Finavon Castle Water Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing on the River South Esk in Scotland

Volcano and Lower Boat

Volcano and lower boat are really the same pool, with Lower boat being the tail of Volcano. While volcano fishes in most heights of water, it is best for salmon during a good run off, when Lower boat can be excellent too. Volcano itself can be good at night for sea trout in low water. Why Volcano you ask? It is the Vesuvius-esque shape of the summit of Finavon Hill, which you face as you start fishing this lovely little pool. The large croy at the head of the pool was reinstated and much reinforced after 2015’s huge floods when the existing croy was blown to bits. This croy is important, as it is what forms the pool as a squeeze between itself, and the North bank which is also reinforced by a 17 tonne boulder which was a by-product of the building of the A90, and was bought and put there by an enterprising Tony Andrews in 1996.

Volcano starts at the rocky north bank groyne that juts out from a clump of alders in the tail of Upper Boat Pool, behind which are good lies for fish particularly in the back end of the season. As you fish down past this, you will be covering lies between the North bank and the point of the South bank croy itself, and there are lies just off the tip of the croy in a good flow of water. Beyond the croy, there are some good lies amongst and around the midstream boulders about 30 yards downstream of the croy. Progressing down the pool below this, you come to Peter’s croy which enters the river from the North bank, and form this point down you are in Lower boat pool which fishes well all the way through into the tail in high water.